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That Toxic Relationship is Killing Your Creativity

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It started in 2010. 

I call it my first "real experience" as an entrepreneur. 


He and I were friends...OK, maybe a little more than friends and he made me feel as if I shared every aspect of his world. 



I was in my early 30s and at the height of my creativity. I even toyed with the concept for the Gemini Moon Rising series, but they were still just concepts. For nearly three years, I plunged myself into someone else's business and got no ROI. I had no knowledge or experience with the industry and designed an eco-system that still stands as I type. I became a one woman show for a man who simply "OK'ed" an idea for it to move on to the next stage. 

When I finally accepted writing as a profession and not a hobby, I couldn't write for myself. Why? I was too busy writing for his ass! I ran the online mag, created ALL the content, and managed the social media. When the hell was I writing for myself?


Behind The Brand: Inspiring-Decisions, Meet Wendy Alexander

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This month I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Alexander who is the founder of the brand Inspiring Decisions.  She is a Globalpreneur, and if  you follow her on Instagram you will get inspired by her and her  business travels.  Read below, and get a peek behind her amazing brand. 

Hi Wendy can you tell us a little about your business, and how you came up with the powerful name “Inspiring Decisions”, and why it was important for you to start your business?

I have an offline and online business consulting agency. I help entrepreneurs go from local to global, to help change their mindset to think outside their zip code into a different country code. I provide leadership training, business development, and coaching. That honestly came from a prayer. I could not think of a company name, and went to bed one night asking God to help me. Woke up the next day and I had my name, “Inspiring-decisions.” The name "Inspiring-decisions" fits me so well because I love to inspire and motivate people. To help them to believe in themselves, make the decision to commit to their worth and create their opportunities.

Mama Needs Love Too | Self-Care For The Mom & Wife

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Sometimes being the mom feels like being the supporting cast of the family. You earn badges no one sees, wear hats no one ever notices, and you get the thankless job of being the unsung hero of the family. Even when daddy gets to wear his superman cape proudly, you don’t even get any credit for keeping it clean, sis. You play the wall a lot, doing the “behind the scenes” stuff to make sure things flow smoothly around the house. You keep wardrobes clean, wipe away tears, and have the most delicious dinner popping on the stove in a single bound. And that’s just a touch of the magic you perform before you ever leave the house!

That’s why with all the responsibilities that come along with being a mom and wife, you must make sure you’re doing a great job of taking care of YOU. Because you can only go so long with ignoring your own needs before you burn out, sis.

When Bad Bitches Link Up: How Collaboration Can Further Your Brand

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As some of you may know, I am such a huge supporter of my fellow queens. I can’t tell you how much time I spent in the past disliking other girls and vice versa because of how they looked, or how they looked at me and my friends, who they hung with…the list went on and on! But it was ALL for nothing. Now, I am obsessed with uniting with other women who are in the same circles as me and beyond. In my opinion, there is enough room for us all to win and stand side by side as we do.

I am very fortunate enough to have a very ambitious squad. From writers, photographers, to directors, to fashion designers, and musicians, I am lucky to constantly be surrounded with such talented people every day. This motivates me to push myself and my brand even harder because I believe in the mission, and having these connections allow me to collaborate and cross promote. I can’t reveal too much, but I am currently working on a promo video. This is something completely out of my element, but if I can pull it off the way I know I can, it is going to be epic for me, Black Eden Publications, and everyone involved. I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about creating a video and all that goes into it, but that’s why I called on a few subject matter experts to utilize their expertise. From models and stylists, to a videographer, everything is being taken care of.

Staying Focused, When You’re Losing Focus

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Before 2017 started, I thought I had those twelve months planned out perfectly. I had post it notes of motivational quotes everywhere, a lengthy checklist of what I planned to accomplish and an even longer list of how I was going to get it all done. Here we are into the seven month of the year and it’s time for a mid-year check in! I like to give myself personal assessments from time to time just to make sure I’m on the right track.