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Let's Build

Pretty Entrepreneur is a community that believes in motivating , but we also believe in teaching! Let's build and help you take that business or idea up a notch. We never settle, We go harder.


Boss-UP Coaching Session

Everyone needs someone to talk to about business stress, or lack of motivation right?! You might need some direction, real talk, and strategy .  Aspiring, new or experienced entrepreneurs lets get it together!  We believe in the saying “Im not my sisters keeper, I am my sister. These sessions are judgement free.  You will have great takeaways, and you will be able to breathe easier. Book your session by filling out the form below.


*Book a 60min call  

*Cocktail and Conversation/or Coffee  (60min In Person)

PE Girls' Night Workshops

This is a different type of girls night. Girls night with a focus on your business and self care. While the Champagne, Cupcakes, are passed around we will release unnecessary stress, brainstorm, develop ideas and refocus you in the right direction. Girls night done right. (3-5 ppl)

*Fill out the form to learn more. NYC based. For out of state requests, please let us know where you are based.  

Helping Hands Workshops

These workshops are for low income or unemployed women. You have to meet certain requirements and also have assignments done before you attend.

(Inquire to see when the next workshop is)