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Developing Your Style: The Boss Way

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Hey Sis, let’s take a minute and talk about one of my favorite topics, style!  I know, I know, we’re all busy building empires and trying to save the world, which means that fashion and style can be at the bottom of our list of priorities.  But I’m here to remind you how important your personal style is to your brand and your business!  After all, your personal style can leave an impression without you having to speak a word.  It turns heads when you walk in a room, gets you noticed in a crowd, sets you apart from the rest.  And at a time where social media has exploded with everyone promoting their business, you must use everything available to you to help your brand stand out!  
So, I ask, what’s your style personality Sis?  Are you sexy sophisticated, classy chic, casually carefree? Are you somewhere in between or on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.  And if we're truthful here, how many of us are in the category that has never given it much thought?  You simply get up, get dressed, and get to it.  
If you are in the last category that’s completely fine.  Honestly, up until a few years ago, I was there as well.  Being in the military, I was in my uniform 80 percent of the time.  I remember the first networking event I was invited to after getting off active duty.  The dress attire was business casual.  I had absolutely nothing to wear and no clue what business casual consisted of.  I spent hours in the mall trying to find something only to leave frustrated and disappointed.  Here I was transitioning into this new role in my life, and I had no style identity to bring with me.  

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While I’ve come a long way from those days, I realize that finding your individual style is something entrepreneurs face as well.  Think about it?  While we’re all on this entrepreneurial journey, not many of us are starting off as full-time entrepreneurs or “girl bosses” as we’re often referred to.  Most of us have balanced or are currently balancing full-time positions with our entrepreneurial endeavors. And with those careers comes some form of a “dress code” that we adapt our style to.  But one of the great things about entrepreneurship is that you are the boss and as such, can do what you want and be exactly who you want.  
The only rule is that there are no rules for creating your individual boss style!  You’re free to experiment until you find pieces that work for you.  Personally, I go for things that make me feel cute, comfortable, and confident.  And while I step outside the box at times, I definitely have a closet full of must haves.  Below I listed a few of my boss wardrobe essentials.  Enjoy! 

1. The Trench Coat: Is a piece you can wear over anything and still look great! A dress, pants, jeans, even sweatpants. Throw it on and out you go looking as fabulous as ever!

2. The Power Suit: Will make you feel like the boss you are!  Make sure you get it tailored so that if fits you to perfection!

3. The Perfect Blazer: Can easily take your outfit from casual to dressy or vice versa.  It’s the perfect piece if you have multiple events with different dress styles in the same day.

4. Go to Jeans: Because nobody wants to be dressed up all the time.  I'm sure you find that a lot of meetings and events are casual, and for those, I have my go-to jeans that I pair with a cute top and some heels.   

5. A Carryall Tote:  That’s big enough to fit all your essentials and made with a quality that can handle the wear and tear.  I have multiple totes in the basic colors because as entrepreneurs and creatives we are always working on something am I right? Being able to carry my work with me allows me to get more done in the day.  

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6.  PE Gear: To rep your brand!  There is no better way to advertise and market your business than by wearing it.  Kayla has made it so easy for us with the launch of her customized pretty entrepreneur gear so make sure you stop by the shop and check it out !   

Keyva Jo is an Atlanta-based Life & Style Blogger who writes about navigating work, life, and fun, as a 30 something unapologetically ambitious woman.  She is committed to using her platform as a place for women to share, learn, and grow from each other’s experiences.  You can find her blog at and follow her on Instagram  @iamkeyvajo.