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5 Ways to Turn Your V-Day Into a ‘Me Day’

The Free Spirit Pretty

Valentine’s Day is approaching (dum-dum-dum) and if you’re a single entrepreneur like me, then you’re probably date-less with no prospects on the horizon. It’s OK, don’t fret! I don’t subscribe to the whole idea of Valentine’s Day; however, for those of you who do and simply love – love, I encourage you to change your view and make it an official “Love Me” Day. 

When talking about love and entrepreneurship, it isn’t just reserved for allowing a mate to enter into your life, you need to love yourself too. Trust me, as cute as many of us look, a lot of us are lacking in the self-love department. 

And I get it. 

You have so much on your plate with building an empire, managing a team, or being a solopreneur that you often put yourself on the back burner; and while I believe that a Love Me Day shouldn’t stop on February 14th, changing the trajectory of how you take care of you begins with a baby step. Let this be your baby step. 

How do I put together a Love Me Day, you ask? No worries, I got you covered. 

1.    Gifts. Since Valentine’s Day is about exchanging gifts of love, what are two gifts you can give to express how much you love your inner self? I love to paint for leisure, so I would set up a day to do a Sip and Paint, as well as purchase new canvases to practice home. Although many of us are simple, we love lavish gifts so don’t hold back on yourself. Give yourself the gift you wish any man (or woman) would give you. 

2.    Pamper. You can’t have a Love Me Day without pampering, but don’t wait to do it after Valentine’s Day, set that shit up now! Call your local spa and get a customized package. Don’t shoot low either. Treat yourself to the package you’ve always wanted to try, sit in the sauna in between appointments and indulge. It’s all about you and the love you have for yourself, so don’t spare any expense. 

3.    Food. The best form of love is food. Now while I don’t recommend you sitting in a restaurant alone on Valentine’s Day, I do recommend ordering out from your favorite restaurant and create a nice dinner at home. Go right on Pinterest and get a fancy cocktail recipe, use regular plates (not paper), set your table or even get a nice TV tray from Home Goods and enjoy a lovely prepared meal. 

4.    Entertainment. Instead of binge watching a series on Netflix or Hulu, order a movie you’ve always wanted to see, fix another cocktail or a nice glass of wine, sit back and enjoy. I recommend Cupcake Moscato to go with a box a chocolate covered fruits – that you pre-ordered of course. 

5.    Naughty. Rock with me on this one. Nothing ends a wonderful night of “treat yoself” than with a bit of self-appreciation and I have the perfect motivator. I recommend A Little Hot Chocolate For My Soul, it’s a quick read to stimulate your senses. Light a candle or burn a warm scent, tune into your favorite playlist, pour another glass of wine, get your read on and then…well, you know the rest. 

This Valentine’s Day, don’t feel some type of way because all your “frandz” have dates and you don’t. Truth be told, that’s the remnants of cuffing season winding down. They’ll be back on your couch talking about how men ain’t shit next week, while you took the time to start a new trend for 2017, a Love Me Day.

Vee is an adult novelist writing under the moniker L.T. Robinson. When she’s not purveying the perverse, she’s living her unicorn life slanging nouns and verbs for other writers just like her. You can find her on Instagram @theauthorlt and @vee_uwrite.