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3 Ways Settling Kills Our Creativity

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We all know what it means to settle for less in life. We’ve opted for the easy job that didn’t require 100% of our talents or work ethic a time or two. We’ve found ourselves in unfulfilling relationships wanting more from others than they ever intended to give us. And maybe we’ve even gone against producing our best work as creative entrepreneurs by taking the “easy way out” several times over. Please tell me I’m not the only one guilty of doing these things.  

What causes us to “settle,” accepting much less than what we know to be the best for us? Perhaps we fear that we aren’t good enough to receive the best. Maybe we don’t believe we are worthy of more than we’ve accepted over time for whatever reason. In the past, I was the type of person who loved to play the background when it came to sharing my work. I settled by dimming my own light because I feared that others wouldn’t be impressed by what I had to offer. And this underdog, defeatist behavior robbed me of doing my creative best.

As creative entrepreneurs, we can be sensitive about the art we put out into the world. We even guard our best—not allowing ourselves the opportunities to shine. We self-sabotage, hoard our ideas, or give up after the planning process, never putting our dreams into action. And that, ladies is killing our creativity in many ways. Here, I will share three major ways I’ve known settling to interfere with the creative process when it comes to business.


1. Limits our experiences. Having the mindset of a someone who settles will have us believing it’s okay if we don’t attend that blogger’s conference. We know full well the panelists and other participants are offering information we need to improve our work and or businesses, but settling will make us feel we don’t need to attend. Settling will make us think we will be just fine chilling at the house on the couch searching google nonstop instead of participating in those quality hands-on experiences. Time and time I’ve asked myself, “if you could had the opportunity to get the tools needed to achieve your personal best in your field, why wouldn’t you take it?” Now I can no longer make excuses.

2. Deprives us of opportunities to grow and perfect our craft. Attending business workshops and leadership conferences puts us in the position to win. But actually putting copy, work, or a product out there gives us the opportunity to get noticed. Ideas are awesome and great to have, but honey they aren’t doing you any good if you aren’t working them. People need to see some RECEIPTS so they know what your work is about. So what if it isn’t the best thing on the market at first? Creating, creating some more, and sharing our creations helps us get some eyes on a finished product. Not only does this give us great practice, this allows others to see our vision and offer help if they can. Can you imagine how much your creative projects could be magnified with the help of networking and a strong support team?

3. Prevents us from forming a strong network and support system. Not seeking out the support you need as an entrepreneur will leave you lonely and burned out early in the game. When we settle, we believe we can do things on our own and don’t have to consult others to build successful businesses and brands. And this line of thinking cheats us of getting the help we need to make our businesses grow. Getting to know the right people and actively sharing with others could open your brand to opportunities you would have never believed possible. Seeking out accountability partners could be the motivation you need to finish up a project that’s been sitting on your desk for month. Having a support system to pat you on the back gives you the encouragement you need and the confidence it takes to put more work out there. Don’t settle for less by blocking the help your business needs, love! Working with others also creates newer, fresher ideas for all parties involved. Just like the saying goes, “we get by with a little help from our friends.

Let’s face it, ladies. Settling for less this far has gotten us nowhere. It has taken opportunities away from us. It has blocked us from connecting with others that could have something to offer as well as need something we have to share. And I can bet that it has taken some dollars out of our pockets, too. If you settle for anything in life, you are always going to be asking yourself what if I would have taken this road? Or what if I would have done that? We will no longer be torturing ourselves this way. Let’s vow to stop settling, ladies. Let’s connect, build, create, and put out positivity to all we chance to meet. Watch that network and net worth grow!

Drea Day is a North Carolina beauty + lifestyle blogger over at who rambles endlessly about her love for lipsticks, good books, and 90’s R&B. She also sells tees and things for beautiful dreamers and creatives over at