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Behind The Book "Hola, Morocha!", by Jennifer Poe"

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I had the chance to read ,and interview the author of "Hola, Morocha!" by Jennifer Poe. This book was a great read. Reading this book will make you feel like you are sitting down with your sis, and she's giving you all the goods on her travel experiences! This book is a must read for women of color, and all women.  Read below and get a little insight on " Hola, Morocha!" .


First and Foremost I wanted to tell you that after reading “Hola, Morocha!” I felt like we were friends, and I wanted to hear more lol.  Before I give away everything can you tell people a little about yourself ,and what this book is about?  

Sure! I am a world traveler and Author and the things that make me the happiest in this life are a ticket to anywhere, books, writing and eating. I’m a big foodie! I’ve been travel blogging since 2011, and started a blog to inspire women of color to travel called, Imported Chocolate. The Imported Chocolate brand encompasses the blog; a podcast soon to be a live online show called Hot Chocolate With Locals, where I interview other travelers abroad over a hot cup of chocolate; and the Hola, Morocha! series, which is a series of four books that chronicle my life living in Buenos Aires in a fun entertaining way. The first book, Hola, Morocha!, will make you feel like you’re sitting down with a friend drinking a glass of wine and laughing about her crazy travel adventures.



What inspired you to turn your experience into a book?

The first thing that inspired me was the fact that there weren’t many black folks in Buenos Aires when I was living there and because of this, I had some crazy experiences that made me say, “I have to document this unique experience! No one else is doing this and it’s a story that needs to be told.” The second thing that inspired me was the lack of travel narratives written by people of color and the absence of movies or books about the black woman or women of color having a sexy adventure abroad. You know, kind of like an awkward black girl but abroad kind of deal. And it’s like Toni Morrison said, “If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”


For other women of color that are inspired to travel after reading this book, can you give them three things they should do before leaving the United States to prepare?


  1. Research! Research! Research! Research the laws of the country, how women are treated and if it’s safe. Especially do research on how your race is received.

  2. Save more money than you think you will need if you will not be working while traveling.

  3. Leave all expectations for your new resident to be anything like your old one.


What was the biggest lesson you learned from this experience?

The biggest lesson I learned was to be less confined. I shed a lot of wallflower petals when I lived in Buenos Aires and it helped cure some of my anxieties. I also realized the world is so much bigger than the United States and its beauty standards and that black women are considered exotic too. I also found a new appreciation for my beautiful brown skin and the skin of my people.



After finishing the book I see that you have a Part Two  which I am very excited about, because it seems like it touches on your love life while in Buenos Aires. Can you give us some inside scoop? And when should we expect it?

Giiirl! I can’t say too much because that will ruin the surprise.  ;0) But I will say it gets steamy in book two, like lovin’ all afternoon, and evening with a certain Argentine... steamy!!!! And the release day for book two is February 14th 2018.



What’s next for you, any new projects, events, travels we should be on the lookout for? Also where can people find you online?

I’ll be hard at work on book two of Hola, Morocha! which is titled It Takes Two to Tango. I’ll also be hosting my live travel show Hot Chocolate With Locals which returns this winter. I just came back from Toronto so my next travels will be Copenhagen (I do love me some vikens!) and Berlin! You can find me online at, my instagram is @jenpoeauthor my twitter is @jencpoe and the Imported Chocolate facebook is:


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