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This month I had the opportunity to interview one of my business besties Karlet Reid, who is the founder of the brand Forever Karley. Karlet always gives it to you straight, and she is always asking the tough questions that will make you get your life together real quick. If you dont have someone in your life holding you accountable you defintely need to get in touch with her.  Read below and get a glimpse behind the brand. 

Hey Sis, I know you, but let everyone know a little about you and your business?
I’m Karley, Lifestyle Manager and creator of, a Lifestyle management
consulting firm, specializing in Accountability Coachin
g. My focus is holding women accountable
in order to achieve their goals in life &; business by developing innovative solutions for a more productive lifestyle.

 I don’t think many people understand why accountability is important in everyday life,
can you tell us why this is important?

Accountability is the insurance you need to manifest the changes you want to accomplish in
your life
. Accountability is the number one component to accomplishing any goal; whether that
means holding yourself accountable or having someone walk you through any process
(specifically related to goal setting).
I offer my clients one on one support as they execute and achieve their goals. Accountability
coaching provides you with a new perspective, as well as the tools to understand the direction
your actions will lead you from inception to completion.


 Do you ever wake up doubting yourself and your brand? 
I believe much like any other aspiring Entrepreneur, you’ll have days when you feel like “what
am I doing”, “should I do this”, “Will anybody else believe in my mission?”
It’s in those moments when I’m reminded to tap into my Faith. It’s important to always have
control of your inner thoughts, most especially negative self-talk. (We all do it as a defense
mechanism). Whenever I feel these thoughts coming along, I literally just close my eyes and whisper a prayer for peace in my heart and confidence in all that I’m doing and trust that God will guide me as he has on this entire journey. Because that’s really all doubt is it's  apart of the journey!

Philippians 4:13 is my go to scripture when I’m faced with doubt -“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Success looks and feels different to everyone, what is success to you?
Success for me is having the flexibility and freedom to spend my time the way I would like too.
Spending more time with my family, traveling and having different experiences as often as I can,
without the focus being on my bank account, my health or worrying about tomorrow is my idea
of success.


 Being organized is super important in my opinion. Can you give some advice to other entrepreneurs or creatives that have no idea how to start getting organized in their life/business?
I love organization. The best advice I can tell you to begin by decluttering your workspace/ your
home space. Create a keep, maybe, and toss pile. Then you can sort through what you need to
keep, what you need to look at again and what you need to get rid of. Always remember if you
can’t let it go, you’ll never grow.

 Let’s switch gears tell us your favorite thing to do when you are not working. How does that day
look once you open your eyes?

When I’m not working I enjoy creating visual content (I create the brand content for my church,
believe it or not). I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading self-help books,
trying new foods and creating new experiences as often as I can.


 What’s next for Forever Karley? Anything you want us to be on the lookout for?
Aside from adjusting to my new last name and adapting to life as a wife and mom, I’m working
on a new project (too soon for me to share, but I am super excited about it) at the top of 2018. I
don’t know what’ next for me, but whatever it is I want it to come from a place of great energy,
positive vibes and with God all up in the mix.
2018 has a lot in store and I’m excited about all of it!
Stay tuned - Ciao for now


Learn more about Accountability Coaching at

Follow Karlet:,  Facebook: Forever Karley






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