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Behind The Brand: Inspiring-Decisions, Meet Wendy Alexander

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This month I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Alexander who is the founder of the brand Inspiring -Decisions.  She is a Globalpreneur, and if  you follow her on Instagram you will get inspired by her, and  her  business travels.  Read below, and get a peek behind her amazing brand. 


Hi Wendy can you tell us a little about your business, and how you came up with the powerful name “Inspiring-Decisions”, and why it was important for you to start your business?

I have an offline and online business consulting agency. I help entrepreneurs go from local to global, to help change their mindset to think outside their zip code into a different country code. I provide leadership training, business development, and coaching. That honestly came from a prayer. I could not think of a company name, and went to bed one night asking God to help me. Woke up the next day and I had my name, “Inspiring-decisions.The name "Inspiring-decisions" fits me so well because I love to inspire and motivate people. To help them to believe in themselves, make the decision to commit to their worth and create their opportunities.

Which country is your favorite so far to work in?

UAE, I love everything about the middle east! It is peaceful, it is safe, and people respect your genius. I do not have to beg or try to prove myself to anyone. I started doing business consulting in the UAE over ten years ago. My first contract was providing leadership training to the government, some of the royal family and stakeholders. From there it just took off, and I am now currently living in the US and Dubai, mostly Dubai and love it. I have created my opportunities overseas, and I encourage and teach others to do the same.

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I think traveling the world is so important and meaningful to our lives. It's wonderful that you can do this. How do you juggle having a family and traveling the world for your business?

Great question, it takes weekly planning and coordination. I have a business planner and a family planner to make sure we do not only know where everyone is, but also to be involved in each other's lives.  I am a mom of two ages 21 and 19 Ariell and DeAndre both in college and a wife of 22 years. My husband and I both work and travel internationally. I always say, our marriage and family are different, but it has worked for us. Early on we sat our kids down when they were younger to tell them about our plans to work overseas and what are family dynamics would look like and everyone had to agree. If we did not all agree on the plan, we wouldn't do it. We would have a weekly family meeting via phone and video, and a family group chat that we communicate several times a day, it is important to keep the communication open. My kids are very diverse, love traveling, and want to also build an international business as a lawyer and physical therapist. Now that my kids are older and have their own lives, we still spend time together, just looks different than most families. Our holidays are spent overseas instead of the United States. I would not change our journey for anything.

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What's one or two things that you want each client to take away after they have worked with you?

That there are opportunities outside of your country and you should create your opportunities, don’t wait for the opportunity to be created.


What would be your advice to another woman who is reading this but feels like nothing is going her way in her business right now, and she wants to give up? Can you tell her about a time you felt like giving up?

Wow, yes there have been several times over the past twenty years of being an entrepreneur I wanted to give up. It’s not easy, and nothing worth having comes easy. You have to reconnect yourself with your “why.” What is the reason you started on this path, and the price you or your family would pay if you give up? See, my “why” out weighs my challenges, struggles, or any ups and downs in my business. I always say to myself, what happens if I give up, but more importantly what happens if I don’t? I love having the freedom to travel, wake up when I want to and be in control of my life! If your business isn't fun or exciting anymore change it, the beauty is that you are in control, no one else.  Don’t give up, focus on why you started your journey, keep it in front of you at all times.

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Ok Sis, let's get to know you outside of your business. I know I get very few moments for downtime, but when I do I want it to be filled with joy, love,  laughter, or a new experience. What do you like to do when you are not working?

I love spending time with family, reading, watching movies, taking walks reflecting ,and I like to volunteer with non-profit organizations. I find time for myself by doing a spa day or getting a manicure and pedicure regularly.

If you could claim one thing you want to happen for yourself this year what would that be ?

The one thing I would want to happen for me this year would be, to expand my business in three more countries by the end of the year. Also, to have fifty additional women to be glboal entreprenuers.

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What’s next for Inspiring-Decisions? Any events or new services you want to tell us about?

We are gearing up for our online monthly “Global Group Coaching” program that starts in September, the 2017 Global Business Virtual Summitt that will kick off in Dubai , and the 2018 Dubai launch and learn where women will travel to Dubai, attend workshops and learn how to build a global business first hand.


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Wendy Alexander, the highly sought after the founder of Inspiring Decisions, brings her powerful skills as a Cross-Cultural Consultant and Brand Strategist to meet the complex demands of a global community. Businesses and leaders from such diverse areas as Ghana, Thailand, and China to The Middle East, along with many other countries and cities, from entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes to non-profits in everything from the health care/mental health industries to education and philanthropy, rely on Wendy’s extensive background and more than 25 years of experience to build bridges and not walls in a world where understanding is a vital key to success. Wendy Alexander makes forward thinking, cross-cultural understanding, and 21st-century decision making into your assets in a global community that turns borders into opportunities.  


IG: @inspiring.decisions